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1916 Shark Attack Victims

Here is where I have complied a list of the main victims of the attacks and other people who are loosely connected to the shark attack story.

The Main Victims.

From Left to Right in picture above.

1) Charles Vansant: First Attack Victim. Age: 24. Attacked and killed on July 1, 1916 while vacationing in Beach Haven, New Jersey.

2) Charles Bruder: Second Attack Victim. Age: 28. Worked as a beelhop at the Essex & Sussex in Spring Lake, NJ. He was attacked and killed on July 6, 1916, while on break taking a swim in the nearby ocean.

3) Lester Stillwell: Third Attack Victim. Age: 11. Attacked and killed in Matawan Creek on July 12, 1916.

4) Stanley Fisher: Fourth Attack Victim. Age: 24. Attacked and killed in Matawan Creek in an attempt to retrieve Stillwell's body from the bottom of the creek.

5) Joseph Dunn: Fifth Attack Victim. Age: 14 years old. Attacked swimming in Matawan Creek near the New Jersey Clay Company Brickyards. Joseph was the only victim to survive. As far as I know Joseph spent the rest of his life living on Long Island. He would live to the rip old age of 80, but never spoke publically about the attacks.

People associated with the attacks.

Albert O'Hara (1905-1961): According to Dr. Fernicola Albert O'Hara was Lester Stillwell's cloest friend. He was in the creek with Stillwell at the time of the attack. Albert O'Hara lived in Matawan until at least 1930 and later moved into northern New Jersey. He passed away in 1961 and is buried in a nearby cemetery. It is unclear if he ever spoke of the attacks later in life. Below is O'Hara's obituary that I found in the Matawan journal along with his grave.

Johnson Cartan (

Anthony Bublin:

Charles Van Brunt:

Frank Clowes:


William Stillwell () William Stillwell was Lester's father.

Louella Stillwell ()

Captain Watson Fisher