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Here is a timeline that documents my interest in the New Jersey Shark Attacks.

Late 1998/Early 1999: First Heard about the attacks in my Marine Biology Class. Had to write a report on them. This was my junior year in highschool. Wrote the paper, but didn't get all that interested in the subject.

Summer 2000: Saw a children's book related to the attacks at the monmouth mall. Recalled hearing about them in high school, but failed to research any further.

Spring 2003: First read the story off the NJHM website regarding the attacks. Became more interested. Lookedup the location of the matawan attacks on a map.

Winter 2004:Began to do a massive amount of research into the attacks. The more I learned the more it interested me. Lookedup exact location of where attacks occurred, ordered Richard Fernicola's book and read it. Planned a trip to matawan.

January 2005: 1st< Trip To Matawan. Went down Water Street and Dock Street, but was still unsure of where exactly the attacks took place. Attempted to find the gravesites of the victims, but was stopped by a "NO TRESSPASSING" sign at the cemetary.

February 2005: 1St Trip to Spring Lake and Atlantic View Cemetery. Looked around but was unable to find Charles Bruder's grave, however the Essex Sussex was easy to spot.

Summer 2005: Re read Richard Fernicola's book. Found his email address and got a response from him regarding the attacks. 2nd trip To Matawan, found gravesites of both Lester Stillwell and Stanley Fisher in Rose Hill Cemetery, but was unable to go down to the creek due to the horrible heat.

September 2005: Find discovery Channel Program on attack off ebay.

December 2005: Find 12 days of terror movie.

January 12, 2006: 2nd trip to Spring Lake.Locate Charles Bruder's grave in Atlantic View cemetery.

End Of January 2006:Get "Close to Shore" book and read it.

Feb 1, 2006: Watch "12 Days of Terror".

Feb 2, 2006: Go to Matawan for a 3rd time. Find Wycoff Dock and Train Trestle.

March 14, 2006: Go past Wycoff Dock and Train Trestle at low tide, coming back from NYC.

March 16, 2006: Print old Asbury Park Press Articles on Attack from Monmouth County Library.

April 12, 2006: 3rd Trip To Srping Lake to see Bruder's Grave and Essex/Sussex.

May 8, 2006: 4th Trip To Matawan. Go to Whycoff Dock Location, and to cemetery.

June 20, 2006: Meet Steve on internet and begin to share email regarding attacks.

July 16, 2006: 90th anniversary of attacks, make 5th Trip to Matawan to attend "Sharkfest". Take a Tour of the Creek, meet Richard Fernicola, and get my book signed.

Aug 17, 2006: 6th Trip To Matawan. Take pictures. High Tide.

Aug 23, 2006: Have dinner with Steve and Richard Fernicola at the Mill in Spring Lake.

Aug 24, 2006: Pickup material that Dr Fernicola dropped off with Steve at Avon Manor.

December 17, 2006: 7th Trip To Matawan planned.