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Sharkfest 2006

The first Sharkfest was held on July 16, 2006 in Matawan near the train station. The event was to commerate the 90th anniversary of the attacks. The day started at 9am with a ceremony at Rose Hill Cemetery for both Lester Stillwell and Stanley Fisher. Dr Richard Fernicola (author of the book 12 days of terror) conducted 3 seperate tours of the creek. The heat of the day was unbearable with high humidity and teperature in the 90's. The heat was very similar to what it was like on the day of the attacks. I only stayed for the ceremony at Rose Hill and the first tour of the creek.

Below are links to articles that talk about the 2006 Sharkfest along with pictures of the programs from that day.

(Note: Unfortuntely all the pictures that I took of sharkfest 2006 were lost.)

Sharkfest in Matawan Slated for July 16th

Sharkfest Honors 1916 Shark Attack Victims

Shoretown Revisits "12 Days of Terror"

Matawan Sharkfest Exceeds Expectations

Sharkfest 2007

The 2nd Sharkfest was held in Matawan at Terhune Park on July 21, 2007. There was a ceremony at Rose Hill Cemetery followed by Matawan Crek tours given by Dr Fernicola. The second Sharkfest was much more commercialized and the attendance was much higher. Most of the bus tours were filled and an extra tour was needed to be added so that all the people could be accomdated. I was able to speak with Jim Shea, livelong Matawan resident about various aspects of the attack.

Below is an article about the 2nd Sharkfest as well as a link to some of the pictures I took that day. There is also a small video I took of Dr Fernicola giving a tour of the creek.

Sharkfest Article

Sharkfest 2007 Pictures

Creek Video

Sharkfest 2008

Sharkfest 2008 was originally not suppose to take place, however after an overwhelming demand the Matawan Alliance has decided to hold it on August 16, 2008 in Terhune Park from 5pm-10pm. Again there was a memorial service for the victims at Rose Hill Cemetery followed by tours of Matawan Creek by Dr Fernicola. Below are some pictures I took from Sharkfest 2008.

Sharkfest 2009

Unfortunately Sharkfest 2009 was not held. The reason I was given was due to a lack of staff. However, it is more likely that the Matawan Alliance did not want to be bothered.

A reporter in Matawan blogged that the future of Sharkfest was unclear and that the Matawan Alliance has not stated where the money donated for the memorial has gone.

What Happened to Sharkfest??