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Here are a few things that I have collected that are loosely based on the attacks.

This is an original newspaper from July 14, 1916 that was printed in Phildelphia. It describes the attacks in great detail. I had it preserved and put in a frame because the pages would crumble in your hands as you turned them. As you can imagine this is quite a rare item, I imagine very few of these papers still exist today.

Here is a billing receipt from the "Frank Anderson Bag Factory" where Lester Stillwell Albert O'Hara and William Stillwell were working the day of the attack. What makes this receipt even rarer is that the date on it is only one day after the attack took place. I was shocked to find this item, I don't think the person who sold it realized it's historical significance.

Here is an actual postcard from Asbury Park press. It is postmarked "July 12, 1916 6:30am", only hours before the attack in Matawan took place.

Here is another postcard from Spring Lake showing the Essex and Sussex Hotel. It is postmarked "July 1, 1916", which is the day of the first attack on Charles Vansant. Charles Bruder who was a bellhop at this location would be attacked only 5 days later.

Here is my copy of the book "Twelve Days of Terror". It was signed by the author, Dr Fernicola, at Sharkfest in 2006.