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Want to learn about the shark attacks of 1916? Here are some of the best resources out there. I recommend "twelve days of terror" as the most comprehensive book on the attacks as well as the video "Tracking the Jersey maneater". The video was not widely released and is hard to come by, but features actual interviews from witnesses to the attacks conduted by Dr Richard Fernicola. Contact Matawan Historical society for more information regarding how to obtain it.

"Twelve Days of Terror" (Book) (2001) Written By Richard Fernicola

Available at

"Twelve Days of Terror" (Movie) (2004) Written and Directed by Richard Fernicola

Available at

"Close to Shore" (Book) Written by Michael Capuzzo. (2001)

Available at

History Channel: "1916 Shark Attack" (Movie) (1998)

The history channel does not sell this program, however it generally airs this around the anniversary of the attacks.

Discovery Channel: "Great White Attack: A True Story" (Movie) (2002)

You will not find this item for sale, however it is sometimes aired during "shark week" on the discovery channel.

"In Search of the Jersey Maneater" (Book) (1987) Written by Richard Fernicola.

This is the original book that Dr. Richard Fernicola wrote on the attacks. It is out of print, however is available as a reference book in some New Jersey libraries. I once saw a copy for sale on Ebay years ago. I photocopied the entire book at Monmouth University library and have a copy.

"Tracking the Jersey Maneater" (Movie)(1990) Written and Directed by Richard Fernicola.

This movie was originally put out as a video cassette by the Matawan historical society. At Sharkfest they were selling a DVD copy of it for $10. You may be able to purchase this from the Matawan Historical Society if you can ever get in contact with them.

"Blood in the Water" (Docu Drama) (2009)

Docu Drama about the 1916 Shark Attacks. Aired on the Discovery Channel during Sharkweek 2009. I do not believe it is for sale, however I am sure it will be reaired during Sharkweek.

"Attacks of the Mystery Shark" (Movie) (2002)

Documentery of the 1916 Shark Attacks where Fabian Cousteau attempts to find out what type of Shark was responsible for the 1916 Shark Attacks. Matawan creek was dredged in an attempt to find bong fragments or Shark teeth. This film was reshown in 2009 on the National Geographic Channel however it is not available for purchase.

"Shore Thing" (Short Movie) (2008)

A Short fictional movie based on the 1916 Shark Attacks. Available for rental or purchase from

Operation Shark Attack, Vol 3: Legends of the Killer Sharks (Documentery) (1998) Another Documentery on the 1916 Shark Attacks. Available for purchase on