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The Essex Sussex around 1916. This is where Charles Bruder worked as a bell hop.

The Essex Sussex today. While the outside looks exactly the same, inside it is no longer a hotel. The hotel closed in the 1920's and remained vacant for many years. It was later reopened as condos.

The Essex Sussex from the air. The Beach on the south end of the hotel is where Charles Bruder lost his life after the attack.

Here is a picture of the attack site today at low tide. You can still see the bulkhead of the Wycoff Dock at the bend in the creek, near where the white weeds are.

He is a picture of the same spot a day after the attacks during high tide. The men in the boat are looking for Lester Stillwell's Body, while the townspeople are watching.

A broader View of Matawan Creek. The Dock area is just to the right of each picture. The picture in the upper left hand corner was taken in 1900. The picture at the bottom left was taken by me in the Summer of 2006.

This is the Base of Water Street (Now known as Public Works Street). This is the road that was used to get to the creek by the attack victims. Today it is so grown in with trees, that it is impossible to access the creek using this road anymore.
Joseph Dunn was attacked near the spot where the Garden State Parkway crosses over Matawan creek. I am unsure if it is exactly over the attack spot or not, but the Cliffwood Brickyards are no longer there and the landscapre in this area has been altered because of the building of the parkway.