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Here is the equipment I use to record the songs for the tribute band.

Rickenbacker 325V59. This is a replica of John Lennon's first Rickenbacker guitar. He removed the oven knobs and took the Kaufmann vibreto off and replaced it with a bigsby. This guitar was painted black in early 1962. Below are the picture of the guitar in the original finish and later when it was painted black. I have the guitar in the original finish. This guitar wasn't replaced until wasn't replaced until February 1964.

Rickenbacker 325C64. This is a replica of John Lennon's guitar that he acquired in Feb 1964 shortly after his second Ed Sullivan appearance. He used this Guitar until late 1965 when he acquired an Epiphone Casino would he would use for the rest of The Beatles career.

Rickenbacker 350V63. This guitar is a longer scale of the Rickenbacker 325. It was not used by John Lennon but is a more versitle guitar for someone who wants a 325.

Hofner Icon. This is a stripped down version of the original Hofner Paul Mccartney played.

Maton Mastersound-500. George Harrison used this guitar in early 1963 when his Country Gentleman was being repaired. This guitar has also been used by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

Rogers Drumset-360: I am looking to get this set done in Black Oyster Pearl in order for it to look like Ringo's.